Easy Homemade Paleo Mayonnaise

EasyPaleoMayoI have had hankering for my most favorite Crisp Chicken Salad recipe that I saw on daytime ABC show, The Chew. So crisp, so delicious, and I love to roll it up in some lettuce leaves and chow down (will post a recipe to this on another day).  Now, I have been on this quest to eat “clean” and make healthier eating choices to improve my own health and wellbeing.  So I wanted to take this fabulous chicken salad recipe and see how I can make it just a little “cleaner” by not using store-bought mayonnaise that’s full of preservatives.

This version of mayonnaise is a paleo mayo recipe that found a few years back and adapted to my own taste. You can either use an immersion blender, a regular blender, or a food processor (my preference). Just make sure if using a blender or food processor, it has an opening where you can pour in the oil while it’s running.

Also, it is highly recommended that you use a light olive oil and not extra virgin olive oil, as the extra virgin will affect the flavor of your mayo with an overwhelming olive oil flavor. So light olive oil works best for this recipe.

The trick to get this mayo to be the perfect consistency is the SLOW pour of the oil. Use a measuring cup with a spout that you can easily pour in a very thin stream into the bowl of your processor. This ensures that the emulsion process works right and turns into that thick, creamy mayo you know and love.  Pour the oil too fast, and you run the risk of it separating and being more like a runny salad dressing.


** This recipe does have raw egg in it, so if you are squeamish about raw eggs, this recipe may not be for you.

DIY Decor: Mossy Easter Egg Wreath

Spring Easter Egg Wreath

I don’t have a whole lot of Spring or Easter decor in my house, at least not a lot compared to how much Fall and Christmas stuff I have. So little by little, I’ve been getting and making a few things here and there. This season I wanted to do some kind of wreath using eggs for an Easter theme, and this wreath sort-of came together by accident. This is the story of an almost DIY disaster.

I was wandering the aisles of Hobby Lobby, looking for eggs that I can possibly paint and speckle myself. Then I ran across these little beauties in that were wrapped with a bow in a little egg carton.

More Speckled EggsCute right? I was so happy I found eggs already in the color scheme I was aiming for AND with little brown speckles on them. They’d be perfect for the wreath I had in mind. And I didn’t have to paint them myself! YAY! That celebration was short lived.

speckled eggsSee that cute little egg carton they are placed in? Well, little did I know, those suckers were glued in there, and I mean GLUED in there. So when trying to remove these eggs from the carton, I ended up having to tear as much of the cardboard on the bottom as I can, which was no easy feat. Then that still left these big globs of glue that were really stuck on there. When I tried pulling off the glue, it was taking the color/paint off with it. There was just no taking it off without ruining the whole egg.  Clearly, I bought the wrong eggs at Hobby Lobby, and this wreath is going to be a disaster.

So I had two dozen of these eggs I wanted to use for my wreath project, that had bits of cardboard and glue stuck on the one end which was rather ugly looking. So my next task was to figure out how I can conceal the ugly ends. Enter sheet moss.

grapevine wreath

I was planning all along to use this grapevine wreath I had in my craft stash. My original plan was to glue on the eggs through out, and intersperse little bits of moss in a few spaces. What ended up happening is that I had to use much more of the sheet moss than I originally set out to do. After gluing all the eggs on the grapevine wreath first, I then took pieces of the sheet moss to wrap around the “ugly” bottom of the eggs and filled all the spaces in between with hot glue. That pretty much is all it took to end up with my final product.

Mossy Easter Egg Wreath

To finish it off, I just added a super simple burlap bow. My wreath was complete and you can’t even see the ugly globs of glue and cardboard. What I though was going to be a major disaster, actually turned out to be a halfway decent looking wreath. Yay Easter!

Moss Easter Wreath


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2 year old nathan

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This Baby’s Birthday Has Been Decided

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