Dollar Store DIY: My Snowflake Wreath

DS_DIY_Snowflake Wreath

I’m sure you’re done with all of your Christmas decorating by now, right?  I am about 50% done but really it is taking me so much longer now with Cassie to attend to.  That, and I’ve gone crazy and decided to put up two trees this year, which means I need to craft up a few more ornaments. Yep. I’ve lost my mind.  Anyways…

I’ve been inspired by seeing others do “dollar store decor” projects, and so I decided I would experiment with my own. My theme this year is turning out to be snowflakes since all the ornaments and other decor I’ve been gravitating to lately happen to be snowflake related. So it is no surprise that I decided to go with a snowflake wreath, similar to one I have seen on Pinterest (where else?), and wanted to make my own version with what I could find at the dollar store. So off to Dollar Tree I went in search of ornaments and baubles that I could make something out of.

I experimented with a few different configurations and ribbons and I like the final product. I especially  love the lacy effect that these snowflakes make. And it is hard to tell in the photos, but they are covered in an iridescent glitter as well, so there is plenty of sparkle.

This snowflake wreath one is extremely simple to make once you have all the materials. Here’s what you need:

snowflake wreath supplies

  • A couple packs of snowflake ornaments, varying sizes – Mine came from Dollar Tree
  • Basic wreath form – I used a skinny grapevine wreath spray painted white, also from Dollar Tree. You can also just cut one from cardboard if you are in a pinch.
  • Ribbon of choice – Both the white ribbon and the red glitter ribbon are from Dollar Tree
  • Glue Gun

Take your wreath form and paint it white so nothing shows through. Once wreath is dry, take your hot glue, arrange the larger snowflakes  overlapping slightly and glue them on to the wreath. Next, take the smaller snowflakes and layer over the top, again overlapping slightly, and glue in place. Next, you dress it up with the ribbon or bows of your choice.



My first incarnation of this wreath, I used a white and red ribbon, but I wasn’t wild about it. Too much white and not enough contrast.


DSsnowflake_wreath2So next, I decided on this red glitter ribbon since I liked the glittery pop of color.


You can make this wreath without a form by gluing only the snowflakes together, but it may not hold up well. I suggest that if you want more stability to your wreath, then you should use some sort of wreath from as a stable base.


I have a couple more snowflake themed crafts I’m working up this season, while simultaneously finishing the decorating for Christmas in my house, which seems to be taking 5x longer now with the new baby in the house and one more person that needs my attention nearly all the time. I’ll be done by the 24th maybe.

Happy Decorating!

Have some dollar store craft ideas up your sleeve?  Let me know about it in the comments below!


  1. Thank you for sharing this
    Keep Pinterest Free of adds.

  2. Judith North says:

    Simply beautiful

  3. Sue Sprague says:

    How many snowflakes did you use

  4. How many packages of snowflakes did it take?

  5. I love this wreath! It looks beautiful and you could use it all winter not just for Christmas! I need to go check and see if my dollar store has Snowflakes!

  6. Love the wreath. Thanks for sharing momma extroidnaire!

  7. Kim kriebel says:

    I love the simple but beautiful wreath. This is my first year making decorations for Christmas. I’m super excited to make this wreath. Thanks so much for sharing your great idea for those beautiful snowflakes. Wish me luck! !!

  8. Sherry Roller says:

    How many snowflakes does it take and what size wreath form did you use

  9. I love the snowflake wreath .. can’t wait to see more of your ideas


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