Project In Progress – Solar System Mobile

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Solar System project in progressAt the moment, I am in the middle of doing our DIY Solar System mobile for Nathan’s new big boy room that I talked of in a previous post.  So far is is partially painted but still have a ways to go. So I need to finish the painting the planets, get them ready to hang, then work out my plan for what they ultimately will be hanging from.

this_into_saturnRight now my dilemma is figuring out how to turn this styrofoam ball (left) into Saturn by adding rings. I have an idea or two, one involving cutting in half and sandwiching some material that would be the rings between the halves. But I’m open to other ideas. So what say you?  How would you make Saturn out of this styrofoam ball? (comment below)

I am hoping to knock this project out by next week so I can move on to other room items and then some more household DIY I want to do before baby comes. Once I have this mobile complete, I plan on posting a full tutorial in how I did it with lots of pictures. I promise. So stay tuned!


  1. The solar system project is coming along great. My suggestion for adding rings to Saturn is make the rings from craft foam or plastic sheets. If you use 2 sheets for a single ring you could tuck a piece of floral wire between the ring at the quarter or halfway points and insert the floral wire into the planet. If you don’t want the wire to show try nylon fishing line “sewn” through the planet using a long upholstery needle (check the craft stores for a 6″ needle). The fishing line would be sandwiched between 2 rings or taped with clear tape to a top ring. I look forward to seeing how this turns out. Love the creative fun approach. Your son is a lucky little boy to have such a fabulous room.

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