About Me

I’m Mama In The Deep, also known as Megan.  I am a 33 year old wife and a mother of two little boys. Joey who is the big preschooler, and Nathan who is my little guy. While my two boys keep me running, I also run a Virtual Assistant business from home at plus I coach and consult others on how to be a VA.

When I am not busy chasing my boys, and working with clients, I am looking at Pinterest for craft and decor ideas, or I am crafting something new (most likely inspired by Pinterest).

I am not perfect, I don’t profess to know everything, and I am not mom of the year. I often get annoyed at those that claim all of the above. I can be sarcastic and snarky. I make mistakes, my house can be cluttered and messy, and my kids are not always perfect angels. I am just raising my family and making my way through life the best that I can.

So this is me, the Mama In The Deep.