This Baby’s Birthday Has Been Decided

The end is in sight! That’s right, this baby’s eviction notice has been posted, and the induction date has been set for next week. A little earlier than I expected, so I am trying not to freak out, but it certainly will be a relief not to be pregnant anymore.

Get the pleasure of weekly non-stress tests until the end of this pregnancy. Lucky me.

Get the pleasure of weekly non-stress tests until the end of this pregnancy. Lucky me.

In this pregnancy, just like my previous two, I have been “blessed” with Gestational Diabetes again (thank you obesity and genetics!). The GD diagnosis sort-of puts me in the “high risk” pregnancy category. Now say “sort-of” because all of my pregnancies have been relatively uneventful, the blood sugars have stayed relatively in control when I behave on the diet, and babies have remained safe and healthy (and not giant babies which they always warn you). With GD, along with being on the special diet, I get a few extra growth ultrasounds and weekly NSTs in the remaining weeks of pregnancy. And this time, because I had start on insulin a couple weeks ago, I get a few extra visits with the Perinatologist sprinkled in.

So last week, much to my surprise, after my first appointment with Dr. Doom & Gloom (the Perinatologist), midwife wanted to talk induction date. Parts of the baby were looking slightly large on the latest growth ultrasound, though still only 68th percentile. And because I am on insulin during this bout of GD (first time I’ve ever had to do that) they felt more comfortable for me to have this baby between 38 and 39 weeks. So that brings us to next week.

Am I ready? Yes and no.

Yes, I am totally over being pregnant, tired of having to diet, and tired of body being in pain from the waist down all the time. So I can’t wait to just not be pregnant anymore. Not to mention, we finally get to meet this baby and introduce them to our family.

On the other hand, I don’t feel quite ready because my to-do list seems like a mile long, there is always a mess to clean up (thanks to my 2 busy boys), always more de-cluttering to do, and I don’t feel like I’ve quite mentally ready and fully practiced in all of my hypnobabies techniques to get ready for this birth (a whole post for a different day).  Oh, and then there’s the fact that, OMG, I’M ABOUT TO GO FROM BEING A MOM OF 2 TO A MOM OF 3… two of which are under the age of 2! Freaking out just a little bit.

So ready or not, here it comes. By this time next week, we will be snuggling our new baby at home. Thank goodness we will have great support from our families (my awesome mom is coming!) and with their help I should make it through the next few weeks with some sanity.


  1. Don’t worry about it! I’m a gestational diabetic as well and I’m actually being induced on Tuesday (17th). All 3 of my other kids were scheduled to be induced at 38 weeks, although I ended up going into labour naturally with my first. After 37 weeks they are considered full term and after 38 weeks, all they do is put on fat in the womb. They might as well do that OUTSIDE instead! Follow my blog as I post about my experience

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  2. I totally know the feeling. I has GD the second time around (last year) and ended up getting scheduled for an induction because when I went for my weekly, I was already dilated without a contraction in sight. It totally freaked me out. It was only one week early, but, I was supposed to be in a wedding that day. SMH. Anyway, I know you’ll be fine. Good luck and God bless.

  3. Hope everything went well!
    I had my baby in August and I was so over being pregnant too!

    Saw you on bloggymoms and I enjoyed reading! 🙂

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